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More About Python Django:

More About Python Django:

-The code is indent based on the backend forcing standardization and preventing spaghetti code especially following pep8 guidelines.

-Supports all python packages and can also hybrid with most front-end frameworks if necessary.

-Works great with databases and eliminates in-efficiencies in data base administration.

-Support functionality beyond most other frameworks including artificial intelligence.

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More About React Native

More About React Native

-Handles front end app development wonderfully.

-Can transform web apps into a mobile app store version leveraging web views.

-Capable of almost any logic that can be done natively.

-We still do builds in Swift and Java for people who want to or are required to build their app natively.

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More About WordPress

More About WordPress

-It is capable of far more logic than the other site builders out there such as Wix.

-It is easily maintainable with a built in admin dashboard.

-Plugin updates and conflicts can cause downtime and headache for any site that is more than informational

-It does not rank as well as Django/Python on search engines and it has limitations to what logic it can do

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More About Bootstrap

More About Bootstrap

-One of the most used and supported styling frameworks on the web.

-It allows for rapid theme creation, quick asset linking, screen size compatibility, and more.

-We can use just certain elements of it and certain elements of other resources as it is a library meant to be customized

-Just a little bit heavier than some of the other options though with a good server this is not notice-able.

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More About PHP Based Frameworks

More About PHP Based Frameworks

-Very capable of most types of logic with vast support.

-Slower development speed

-Most PHP frameworks are not recommended for new sites though a few such as Laravel and Symfony are still viable options for new projects today.

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